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What?? My Home Came From A Sears Catalog

What??   My Home Came From A Sears Catalog 

I think it happens to most of us.     You move into a neighborhood and it seems the neighbors know more about your home than you do!    

Well, it happened to me.   

Along with my new purchase, came new neighbors.    Some came by with baked goods, some just waved hello, and some with a story.     

The "old" man down the street... my new neighbor,  a large man, with an intimidating stature, a gruff voice and a huge smile, said to me with a twinkle in his eye,    "You know, that home you bought came straight out of the Sears catalog!"   

What?  I kind of was insulted.   My beautiful little house, a mail order home?    Really??
11 Pine St.

Apparently, as a child, he had seen it delivered!   While I am not 100% sure that my home came from Sears as the neighbor said. (There were other retailers that sold homes through their catalogs.    Montgomery Ward and Aladdin for example.)   I am sure that it was a mail order home as he saw it delivered.   In those days in the little town of Medfield, it must have been "an"  event and therefore quite memorable. 

Assembly Required!

Catalog house plans by Sears, Montgomery Wards, Aladdin, and other companies were widely distributed in the United States between 1908 and 1940.   Sears alone sold more than 70,000 Sears and Roebuck homes right through their catalogs!   They were shipped by rail in kits to be assembled by the purchaser, his friends or a professional. Not only did they advertise that "a man of average abilities could assemble a Sears kit home in about 90 days",    but, they were quality homes that one could customize.  

What Could You Buy through a Catalog?

Many, many styles including A Bungalow, and American Foursquare, a light Queen Anne or even a Farmhouse.     Imagine purchasing a home for as little as $700!

Do you have a Mail Order Home?

Search around for physical clues such as stamps on wood or hardware or plumbing.   Search for old records and do a little investigation on line.   There are many sites that are dedicated to the catalog home. 

Over the years, I forgave that Medfield neighbor, and found that the homes I truly fall in love with are these Catalog Homes.   Doesn't matter the style, for the most part, they seem to be built rock solid,  filled with warmth and character!    I just love them!   Apparently so do others!    There is a following!   But, they don't make them anymore so, the only way to get one is to buy a resale!   

What is your favorite style home?

Are you looking to Buy or Sell a home in the Medfield MA area or surrounding communities?     Please contact me!



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What?? My Home Came From A Sears Catalog
What?? My Home Came From A Sears Catalog I think it happens to most of us. You move into a neighborhood and it seems the neighbors know more about your home than you do! Well, it happened to me Along with my new purchase,… more